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Finding your ideal home can be both exciting and a little overwhelming. We have a diverse portfolio of high-quality properties, which makes finding a property for rent seamless.

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How much can a landlord increase rent? A guide for landlords and tenants

Rent hikes are an inevitable part of the rental property landscape. Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, navigating the ins and outs of rent increase regulations is essential. But how much can a landlord increase rent? If you’re curious about the limits on rent bumps and want to know what’s acceptable and what isn’t, we’ll […]
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How to rent with pets - our TOP tips

Can a landlord say no to pets? Do you have to disclose owning pets in your tenancy application? Is it worth asking if you’re allowed to own a pet while renting, even if the property advert says “no pets”? Pet ownership is not always an easy road, especially when renting. If these questions are ones […]
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How to get your bond back - An easy step by step guide

So, you’re wondering how to get your bond back? It’s a question that plagues many tenants nearing the end of their lease agreement. In Western Australia, the bond refund process is facilitated by the Bond Administrator, a neutral third-party agency. Your bond serves as a safety net for the landlord, providing financial assurance against potential […]
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Navigating WA rental laws: a guide for landlords and tenants

Rental laws in Western Australia can be a real challenge for landlords and tenants, especially if you’re new to the region. From residential tenancy laws to property condition reports, understanding WA rental laws is essential to avoiding legal issues and managing rental properties effectively. That’s why we’ve written this guide to WA rental laws. Read […]
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